Lincoln Middle School Diver Breaks 30 Year Old Record

Lincoln Middle School Diver Breaks 30 Year Old Record

GREEN RIVER– A diving record that stood for 30 years was broken this year by Braxton Cordova, a 7th grader who dives for Lincoln Middle School. The old five dive record, which was set in 1987, was 165.20, and Cordova has now set it to 165.95.

“The scoring of 165 is a very high score for 5 dive, and there are not a lot of people that can get the scores to break it,” Lincoln Middle School diving coach Rick Barker said.

Braxton Cordova

Started Diving in 6th Grade

Cordova started diving last year as a 6th grader, and though Cordova participates in several activities including, diving, soccer, basketball, tennis, and cross country, he says he likes soccer and diving the most.

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He said he likes, “the feeling you get jumping off the board, flipping, and then diving into the water. I liked being able to do flips and rotations on trampolines and thought it would be fun to do the same thing into the water,” Cordova said.

Photo by Cindy Cordova

Cordova Was “Very Excited” to Break Record

Cordova broke the record at a meet in Rawlins, but he said he was not sure he had broken it until he got home to Green River.

“I have been watching the record boards this whole season and was pretty confident in the standing score and that I had passed it. However, it wasn’t until we got back from the meet in Rawlins that I could get into the pool in Green River to verify it,” he said. “When I realized I had broken the record, I was relieved and very excited.”

Photo by Cindy Cordova

Hard Work Pays Off

Cordova said that he put in work outside of the season to help with his diving. He went to some of the morning diving practices that are held, and he even participated in gymnastics.

“I signed up for gymnastics camp to help with my flips, rotations, and my relation to where I need to be with the ground,” Cordova said.

Barker said Cordova works hard at diving and that he knows where he is in the air when diving.

“I think Braxton has a good future in diving if he stays with it as he gets older and moves into high school, and we can see where he goes from there,” Barker said.