Local Bladesmith to Talk About His Knives Saturday at the Community Fine Arts Center


ROCK SPRINGS– The Community Fine Arts Center is hosting a Meet the Maker event on Saturday, December 2, from 2 to 4 pm, where bladesmith Corey Brown will talk with the community about the stunning knives he has crafted by hand for many years.

Event Details

Brown, a resident of Rock Springs for over 43 years, has been creating blades for years. On Saturday, he will discuss his process for creating these beautiful knives.

He will also talk with the attendees about how he got involved and became fascinated with the art form of bladesmithing.

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His knives are currently on display at the CFAC, which is located at 400 C St.

For More Information

The CFAC will provide light refreshments for this free event. For more information regarding the event, visit the event Facebook page by clicking here.