Local Indoor Track Athletes Participate at Simplot Games

JR Simplot Production Manager Steve Hickerson hands out Simplot bags to the RSHS indoor track & field team.

SWEETWATER COUNTY– Local indoor track & field athletes from Green River, Rock Springs, and Big Piney are currently in Pocatello, Idaho, competing at the 40th Simplot Games.

The Simplot Games is a three-day long meet in which athletes from across the country, and even internationally, compete at the Idaho State University’s Holt Arena in Pocatello.

Green River High School
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This year there are 17 Green River High School indoor track & field athletes are attending the Simplot Games, 35 from Rock Springs High School, and 4 from Big Piney.

The RSHS Simplot Games team.

RSHS and GRHS have been bringing competitors to the Simplot Games for several years.

The GRHS Simplot Games team.

About the Simplot Games

The first Simplot Games was in 1979. Now for the 40th year, over 2,100 athletes travel to Idaho to compete at the Simplot Games, from 19 states, as well as from Canada and Australia.

Along with competing, the athletes also get the opportunity to meet past track & field Olympians, such as Dick Fosbury, Andre Phillips, Willie Banks, and Stacy Dragila.

Rock Springs High School
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For More Information

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