Lovato Center to Host Trees For Recyclables Day May 7

Lovato Center to Host Trees For Recyclables Day May 7

Bring your recyclables to the Ray Lovato Recycling Center in Rock Springs on May 7 and you'll receive a tree to plant at your home.

ROCK SPRINGS — The Ray Lovato Recycling Center will be hosting its 26th Annual “Trees for Recyclables” on Saturday, May 7, 2022.

The event will take place from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. in partnership with the Sweetwater County Conservation District.

Area residents who would like to take advantage of a free tree and help out the environment can bring their recyclables to the Recycling Center at 100 Sheridan Street, Rock Springs.

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Tree species that will be given away on that day include Chokecherry, Nanking Cherry, Three Leaf Sumac, Ponderosa Pine, Rocky Mountain Juniper. For more information about the Trees for Recyclables Day check out www.facebook.com/RockSpringsRecycle or call 307-352-6878.

Please see the following list of acceptable, clean recyclables.


• Clean Aluminum Cans
Soda Cans
Beer Cans
• Clean Tin Cans
Vegetable/Fruit Cans
Pet Food Cans


• Clean Plastic bottles & containers #1 & 2
(Rinsed out with no lids)
• Foam Packaging Materials
• Food Packaging Foam


• Corrugated Cardboard
• Newspaper
• Office Paper
(i.e. Envelopes, Printer Paper, Bills,Accepted in All Colors)
• Paperboard
(i.e. Cereal, Beer/Soda, Frozen Food Boxes)
• Food/Drink Cartons
(i.e. Broth, Milk, Orange Juice, Soup)
• Magazines
• Junk Mail
• Non-Glossy Gift Wrap
• Brown Packing Paper
• Phone Books
• Paper Egg Cartons
• Books (hard and soft cover)
• Shredded paper
(tie in paper or clear plastic bag)