Managing Chronic Conditions Doesn’t Have to be Overwhelming

By Cindi Cain, RN, BSN Chronic Care Management Coordinator Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County
Managing Chronic Conditions Doesn’t Have to be Overwhelming

Do you have a hard time remembering when you need to make follow-up doctor appointments, health tests, or blood draws?

Do you have difficulty understanding what your doctors are telling you, or difficulty keeping all of your doctors and medications straight?

You are not alone.

Many caregivers and people with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart failure, chronic kidney disease, dementia, and any long-lasting condition find it difficult to manage all the healthcare aspects that go along with having a chronic condition. Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County can help. With the Chronic Care Management program, you’ll get your own personal registered nurse who will work with your doctors, understands your health conditions, and will teach you about your specific health conditions. You will be assigned one nurse who will know you and your history, form a relationship with you, and will help you manage your health and care. The program offers coordination of care between your pharmacy, specialists, hospitals, and more.

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Your nurse will contact you at least every month over the phone. There is no need to come in for another appointment. Your nurse is available 24/7 on a direct phone line, meaning you won’t have to leave a message with an intermediary at the front desk, and you won’t have to wait days to hear back. You get the help you need in between your scheduled doctor appointments. Chronic Care Management helps keep you on track. You get the help you need to set health goals that will really make a difference.

The next question on your mind likely concerns the cost of program. If you are currently on Medicare, it covers the cost with the normal deductible and cost-sharing that goes with your plan. If you have Medicare and a supplemental plan or Medicare and Medicaid, the cost is covered entirely, with nothing for you to pay out-of pocket. Some insurance companies also cover Chronic Care Management, such as most Cigna plans.

Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County also offers a patient assistant program if you qualify through The Memorial Hospital Foundation.

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