Meet Fremont Therapy Group and Rocky Mountain Sports’ Patient Care Coordinators Tracie and Nikki!

Meet Fremont Therapy Group and Rocky Mountain Sports’ Patient Care Coordinators Tracie and Nikki!

Being injured is a scary time. There are so many decisions to be made. Where should you seek help? What will recovery look like? Who can help you navigate the complicated healthcare landscape? Physical therapy can and should be your first stop.

As the most highly trained musculoskeletal professionals in the healthcare industry, a physical therapist can assess your injury and provide guidance on the next steps to recovery.

You have the right to choose the best physical therapy care Sweetwater County has to offer. 

At Rocky Mountain Sports and Fremont Therapy Group, not only do we have highly trained therapists, but our care begins the moment you walk through our doors. We pride ourselves on making the patient experience comprehensive and welcoming from your first appointment through to recovery.

Our Patient Care Coordinators (PCC) are the backbone of each physical therapy practice. These invaluable team players are the first point of patient contact and ensure patients feel welcome, comfortable, and part of our caring team.

From questions regarding scheduling to insurance coverage, Tracie and Nikki will work on your behalf every step of the way. Please take a moment to learn more about our outstanding PCCs, Tracie and Nikki.. 

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Tracie Fuss is the administrative lead in the Green River clinic. Her warm smile and fun personality are a favorite of our Green River patients.

Tracie takes pride in customer service, making sure patients are scheduled and all their questions are addressed with kindness. She also loves seeing how physical therapy helps people recover from injury and is proud to be a part of the process of patient success.

“I love seeing patients each day, getting to know them, and watching their progress from being in pain to getting stronger. I am glad to be on an amazing team that helps our community stay active and healthy.” Tracie explains.

Tracie attended Western Wyoming Community College and is a licensed pharmacy technician. After many years in the pharmacy industry, she is excited to contribute to the world of physical therapy.

Tracie is a proud Green River native. She and her husband stay busy chasing their two younger kids around the state for various sporting events, and spoiling their new granddaughter. In her spare time, Tracie is a crafty gal who enjoys home decorating projects.


Nikki Morris is the administrative lead for the Rock Springs office and the welcoming, friendly face that greets patients and guests upon arrival. She works with patients to collect the necessary documentation, confirms insurance coverage and schedules their physical therapy appointments.

She also plays an important role in working with community members and the medical professionals we serve to ensure communication between our clinics and their practices are effective and efficient.

Nikki says, “I love watching patients progress and push themselves to new limits–patient success puts a smile on my face.”

Nikki, originally from Michigan, attended Glendale College in Arizona and is currently working toward her associate degree and plans to ultimately pursue a career in physical therapy or athletic training. 

Since relocating to Wyoming, Nikki loves snowboarding, biking, hiking, and spending time with her husband.

About Fremont Therapy Group and Rocky Mountain Sports

Our Physical Therapists are certified in the following:

  • Hand Therapy
  • Dry Needling
  • Women’s Health
  • Wound Care

Our staff also has advanced training in:

  • Aquatic Therapy
  • Orthopedic Therapy
  • Pain Management 
  • Neck & Back Pain/Injuries
  • Vestibular (Balance)  
  • Manual Therapy
  • Back-to-Work Assessments
  • Industrial Rehab 
  • Sports Injuries

In Sweetwater County, there are many choices for healthcare. We encourage you to take charge of your healthcare dollar and research the best options for you. 

At Rocky Mountain and Fremont Therapy we always offer free consultations to help you decide the right path for your healthcare journey.

You have the right to choose where you seek physical therapy. 
Give us a call today and be on your way to feeling your best.

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Riverton Clinic
2002 W. Sunset Dr.
(307) 856-7021

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Lander Clinic
8268 Highway 789
(307) 332-5240

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Rock Springs Clinic
1401 Gateway Blvd. #2
(307) 352-3626

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Green River Clinic
330 Upland Way
(307) 875-4654

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Rawlins Clinic
1102 W. Spruce
(307) 370-9175


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