Meeting set for Tuesday as local resident hopes to start a Senior Babe Ruth team

Meeting set for Tuesday as local resident  hopes to start a Senior Babe Ruth team

ROCK SPRINGS – There will be a meeting on Tuesday as a local resident investigates the possibility of starting a Senior Babe Ruth Baseball Team.

Wesley Padilla will host this meeting, Tuesday, Jan. 6 at 261 Industrial Drive. The meetings is scheduled to start at 6 p.m. and should run approximately one hour. The meeting is open to the public and Padilla is urging anyone interested to attend.

On Monday, Padilla sent a letter to SweetwaterNow explaining what he is hoping to accomplish.

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“I am looking to start a Senior Babe Ruth team in the Sweetwater County area. My mission is to allow kids in the community another opportunity to participate, represent, and promote himself through the game of baseball. I would like to frame this program not only around competition but to assist with higher education as well,” Padilla said.

“I believe that there are very talented kids in the community that could benefit from this program. Throughout the summer of 2015, I would like to be a part of the Senior Babe Ruth League as well as the kids’ coach for a 16 to 18-year-old division. I was fortunate enough to play baseball at the collegiate level and broaden my perspective and knowledge of what higher education can provide. Kids this age in the state of Wyoming are at a slight disadvantage because of the rurality and lack of involvement of knowledgeable coaches.

“I see this potential team touring cities for competition as well as taking advantage of visiting colleges and universities in order to provide options and opportunities for their distant future. Please consider that there are a lot of options for these boys to attend college and baseball can provide a way to help pay for an unwavering education. Any additional assistance would be beneficial to the community and future of our young adults participating in this program.”

If anyone has any question or information, they are asked to contact Padilla at (307) 448-0711 or by email at