MHSC Board votes to complete paperless push

MHSC Board votes to complete paperless push

ROCK SPRINGS – Going paperless and working exclusively online are phrases more businesses and organizations seem to be using lately. After several months of investigating different options, the Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County unanimously decided to go with the Governance Institute for a new board portal.

Board portals allow access to the documents, such as agendas and minutes that used to be distributed in paper packets.

Recently the board had a special workshop to take a deeper look at the portal. Ryan Hansen of the Governance Institute demonstrated the portal, explaining the inner workings step-by-step.

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Currently, the board packet is all on paper and is put together by Administrative Assistant Cindy Nelson. It takes about a full working day to get these packets ready for the board members. At the workshop, MHSC Board Trustee Dr. Grant Christensen joked with Hansen telling him they weigh about 26 pounds apiece.

Hansen explained the advantages of the portal: it would increase the board’s effectiveness, has a very strong security system in place and suggestions are added to the portal quickly.

Not only will the agendas and packets be on the site, but there is also a place where trustees can RSVP the meeting, see who is coming to the board or committee meetings and look at brief overviews of the meeting and different agenda items.

It also provides a space for the latest news in the medical industry and a resource library which will have past agendas, meeting minutes and packets, as well as other committee meetings and meeting discussions.

Training is also provided as part of the contract.

At the Wednesday meeting, Chairman Artis Kalivas asked if they were ready to take action or wanted to discuss the contract proposal more. Kalivis made it clear where he stood.

“I’m ready to raise my hand and say yes right now,” he said with his arm in the air.

Kalivis told the board he did talk to Hansen more about the use of Laptops or Ipads with the portal and which was best. He said Hansen indicated that Ipads seemed to be the choice of other boards who are on the same contract. The board members agreed, making comments such as the devices are compatible with the portal, easier to use and much more comfortable to deal with.

Christensen said he was in favor because first it would save a lot of paper and second, would make things easier for Nelson to get everything ready for the meetings.

Trustee Rose Mosbey said she preferred to go electronic. She said her office at her house is covered in paper and she takes advantage of the yearly paper shredding oppurtunity that goes along with the city-wide cleanup.

“I’ll be glad to get rid of paper,” Mosbey said.

Chief Executive Officer Jerry Klein said one of the biggest positives of the portal was the resource library and the advantage it will provide to the board to have all the past information handy for them to go back and use if need be.

The board unanimously approved the contract and will begin the official move to the electronic portal.