Missoula Children’s Theater Presents The Snow Queen

Missoula Children’s Theater Presents The Snow Queen

Young actors are rehearing this week for the Missoula Children's Theater performance of the Snow Queen this Saturday afternoon. The play takes place at the WWCC auditorium and is free to the public.

ROCK SPRINGS — Journey with fun-loving Hobgoblins to the “land of colored ice” this Saturday afternoon as they tell the tale of a young girl and her quest to find her best friend.

You may find yourself believing in malevolent mirrors, yetis, talking reindeer, and snow chickens when the Missoula Children’s Theatre and more than 50 local students perform an original musical adaptation of The Snow Queen.

The local cast features Julie Bowen as Gerda; Josh Harris as her best friend, Kay; and Sydnee Harris as the Snow Queen. Mackensie Reece will play Gerda’s Grandma/Old Robber Woman, and Kyie Mortensen will play Kay’s Grandma/Lappish Woman.

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The Gardner Woman/Finnish Woman will be Genevieve Stewart. Jernee Padilla plays Bae; Shane Meats plays Yeti; Emery Punches plays Little Robber Girl; and Mr. and Mrs. Crow will be Erin Murcray and Ava Nettik. Ty Corbett and Sydney Bowen will play the Prince and Princess.

The imaginative, fun-loving Hobgoblins are Emily Anderson, Allona Brown, Keira Mollman, Aunica Mayne, Meeka Iwen, Madilyn Grubb, Autumn Horn, Braelyn Harris, Berkley Garner, Elyse Busenbark, Myles Harper and Rikki Mortensen.

The Snow Animals are Lydia Woolsey, Erin Black, Kaydence Sander, Cedar Harper, Sophia Patterson, Piper Richardson, Alexis Weber, Kayla Rummel and Zoey Marincic. The Robbers will be played by Arlo Braly, Sydney Atkinson, Emma McCarroll, Adeline Hopkins, Abby Miller, Maci Moeller, Zoe Harper, Maddilyn Smith, Madilynn Snow, Kinley Busenbark and Chevelle McMurray.

The Snow Chickens are Rylee Burton, Alicia Cox, Madelyn Harris, Jenna Rummel, Sydnee Busenbark, Kantyn Smith, Alaxandria Burton, Zoe Thompson, Mabel Mathis, Jacob Mollman, Toby Meats, Paige Steward and Rhylee Harper. Serving as Assistant Directors will be Danny Burton, Aislee Twitchell, Danica Sherwood and Bailey Anderson.

The Snow Queen will be presented at 4:00p, at the WWCC Theatre Admission is free and open to the public. The Missoula Children’s Theatre residency in Rock Springs is brought to you by SBOCES.