Motorcycle Traffic Stop Stems from Alleged Incident in Wamsutter

Motorcycle Traffic Stop Stems from Alleged Incident in Wamsutter

ROCK SPRINGS – A series of traffic stops involving motorcyclists west of Rock Springs was related to an incident involving rival biker groups in Wamsutter Tuesday.

According to Jason Mower of the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office, the traffic stops stemmed from an alleged confrontation between a motorcyclist affiliated with the Hells Angels group and other motorcyclists affiliated with the Mongols group. Mower said he isn’t aware of the details, but the confrontation allegedly stemmed from the Mongols members requesting the Hells Angels member to remove their vest and when that request was denied, the Mongols members allegedly removed the vest from the Hells Angels member and took it. He said the Hells Angels member was allegedly left stranded in Wamsutter because his bike key was in the vest.

Mower said at least one arrest was made, but the exact number of arrests and what charges resulted in the arrests were not available as of the publication of this post. Additionally, the identities of those who were arrested were also unavailable as of the publication of this post.  Sweetwater County Attorney Daniel Erramouspe said he is unable to comment at this time, but his office is working on the case.

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More information will be published when it’s available.