Mullen Fire: Crews Report 11 Percent Containment

Mullen Fire: Crews Report 11 Percent Containment

Photo courtesy of Cammy Roy, Canyon Helitack.

ALBANY COUNTY — According to the latest update from the Mullen Fire Information Facebook page, crews have made some progress on the blaze over the last two days.

At 12:06 am Saturday night, the fire measured 140,140 acres, with 11 percent containment. On Saturday morning, crews had reported six percent containment and were hopeful for favorable weather conditions throughout the day to help contain the fire.

“Last night, hundreds of firefighters diligently protected evacuated communities in all areas of the fire, and worked to hold and improve control lines,” the update said.

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While most roads are still closed, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) noted that Highway 125 North was opened at 8 pm Saturday night for travel only.

“We understand that by human nature everyone is going to be curious to see what damage the fire has done,” the JCSO stated. “Please try and refrain yourself from going out, especially tonight; unless you absolutely need to travel the road. Be courteous to all the agencies out on the road as they continue to fight this fire.”

The JCSO also noted that evacuation order is still in place and no one is to return to their homes.