My Life My Quit Offers Free Help to Teens Who Want to Quit Vaping

My Life My Quit Offers Free Help to Teens Who Want to Quit Vaping

Real Teens. Real Quotes:
“I liked the flavors, but now I have to use it as soon as I wake up”.
“I’m tired of my throat and lungs burning when I take a hit. I can’t run like I used to”.
“I used it to deal with stress. Now I’m stressed when I don’t use it”.

Sound familiar? While most teens don’t vape, the majority who do vape want to quit. Your chances of quitting are way higher if you get help, and that’s where My Life, My Quit comes in.  

My Life, My Quit is the free and confidential way for teens to quit any form of nicotine or tobacco, including vaping, smoking, and chewing. Text “Start My Quit” to 36072 or visit to chat with a Coach. The site assures visitors, “We are here for you every step of the way. It’s YOUR LIFE and we’re here to help you live it YOUR WAY.”

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The My Life, My Quitwebsite addresses multiple topics relating to nicotine products. In addition to free quit coaching, there are articles and quizzes to help you better understand how nicotine (or quitting) can affect all areas of your life. Sections include:

  • ARE YOU IN CONTROL?: Take the “Hooked on Nicotine” quiz to find out.
  • THEY WANT YOU HOOKED: Tobacco and vape companies are working hard to keep you craving more.
  • IS VAPING DANGEROUS?: Nearly all nicotine comes from tobacco. And it’s found in ALL tobacco products, including vape pods.  
  • DESIGNED FOR ADDICTION: Nicotine messes with your brain chemistry. It will leave you more on edge than ever.  
  • QUITTING = SAVINGS: Quit now and save more than $50-$500 a month. How will you spend your money?
  • NO VAPE IS SAFE: Nicotine, CBD, THC…doesn’t matter. ALL vapes and e-cigs use chemicals that can damage your lungs.

If you’re sick of the way vapes make you feel. Visit My Life, My Quitfor free, nonjudgmental support that can help you start your quit today.

If you or someone you know is trying to quit nicotine or you want to learn more. Contact Shae Haney or Jason Lux or call us (307) 352-6677. You can also visit our website to set up a meeting with us at

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