New Beginnings For Farson-Eden School

New Beginnings For Farson-Eden School

FARSON-EDEN – New beginnings are always important. For the residents of Farson-Eden, this new beginning has been a long time coming.

On Wednesday, the community gathered to welcome its newest member as Sweetwater County School District No. 1 broke ground on the new Farson-Eden School. SWCSD No. 1 officers, board members Chairman Brady Baldwin, Lenny Hay and Emma Waldner as well as elected officials Sweetwater County Commissioner Randy Wendling and Rep. Jerry Paxton helped the community celebrate.

The Farson-Eden School was built in 1952, and District Superintendent Kelly McGovern noted several key moments in the history of the building. The elementary school was added in 1962 with many of the houses around the school being from the old mining camp Winton.

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The old gym was built in 1969 with the current competitive gym being added in 1976. The middle school portion was added in 1972, and the current high school was put in during the 1982-1983 school year.

McGovern also said she was told the old log cabin that sits in front of the current school was an old school in Eden. It was moved to the location in the early 1950’s and served as the residence of the first superintendent of the Farson Schools, Fred Smith.

While McGovern said it is always nice to remember the history and heritage, it is also exciting to be getting a new, state-of-the-art school in Farson.

Wyoming is the only state in the nation that builds new schools for communities. For School Facilities Director Delbert McOmie, the groundbreaking was one of his first as director. He was appointed in October of 2015. He said the Farson ceremony was by far the “most boisterous” one he had been to and was touched by the community pride.

Since the state started approving the building of new schools for communities, Wyoming has spent $3.2 billion in construction on new schools. They currently have just under $1 billion in construction going on in the state. McOmie said the new 78,000 square-foot building in Farson is a $27 million investment by the state and thanked the governor and the legislature for providing funds to do this.

“These aren’t just school facilities,” McOmie said. “They help establish what a community is all about.”

Current Farson-Eden Principal Mike Estes showed the excitement of an entire community as he spoke. He thanked everyone for their patience in the process. Estes explained it was a challenge at times, but everyone involved kept working, and the community remained positive.

“I appreciate everyone who persevered to make sure this building would become a reality,” Estes said.