New Building at Motocross Track Moves Forward

New Building at Motocross Track Moves Forward

ROCK SPRINGS – Rock Springs motocross fans and competitors might see a new addition to the outdoor track in the future. On Tuesday the Sweetwater County Fair Board approved a request to add a new registration building to the grounds.

Complex Director Larry Lloyd said the building will be similar to a two-car garage. The board approved the request from the Rock Springs Motocross Association pending a final agreement between the parties involved.

Lloyd explained he was approached by the local group to place the building for the purpose of doing race registration, having meetings, hosting clinics and similar activities. The association will be responsible for raising money for the cost of the building. Lloyd mentioned he had heard the association has had concrete donated for the pad the building will sit on. There is also water, sewer and power infrastructure already in place at the track.

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The board asked about maintenance on the building. Lloyd said it would be done jointly because once the building is placed on the property it becomes the property of the Sweetwater Events Complex. The board believed it was important to make sure both sides were very clear on this and it will be part of the final agreement.

There was also some question about if other groups could use the building. Complex staff said the groups discussed using it to help during certain events but the location would limit its use.