New Dashboard Aimed at Helping Job Seekers, Workforce

New Dashboard Aimed at Helping Job Seekers, Workforce

CHEYENNE — As part of his ongoing focus on education and workforce development, Governor Mark Gordon has launched a new dashboard that provides tools for job seekers, businesses and educators. 

The dashboard will provide users a greater understanding of what jobs are available in Wyoming; pathways through education to be able to qualify for in-demand jobs; the value of education and training; labor supply and demand; as well as growth potential for Wyoming industries both regionally and statewide. The tools are intended to support the goals of the state, and are a piece of the solution to addressing the challenges that Wyoming faces related to post-secondary attainment and workforce. 

“This is an incredibly important tool to help Wyoming people both find jobs and find new opportunities. It addresses some of the challenges Wyoming workers and employers face by connecting them in a common forum,” Governor Gordon said. “The ultimate goal is to get information about new and emerging employment and enterprise opportunities in the hands of those seeking to advance their careers, or grow and expand their businesses.”

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The dashboard, called BOOTS (Business occupational outlook tool sets), creates the ability to connect individuals to local education and job opportunities. The information and live data available is intended to help Wyoming businesses and workers address growing workforce challenges.

“For the people in Wyoming who are trying to figure out their career path and the businesses that are trying to hire the best employees possible, this dashboard is a vital resource to Wyoming and her people,” said Robin Cooley, Director of the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services. 

“It provides the opportunity to match education pathways, which is a focus of post-secondary education and a fundamental building block of the Wyoming Innovation Partnership,” said Dr. Sandy Caldwell, Executive Director of the Wyoming Community College Commission.  “Under Governor Gordon’s leadership these efforts have resulted in this much-needed tool to connect community colleges and UW students with programs that lead to immediate and future careers right here in Wyoming.”

The origins of the project date back to 2019, when the Governor’s office was awarded  grant funding and technical assistance from the National Governors Association (NGA) in partnership with Strada Education Network. In collaboration with five other states, Governor Gordon’s office led a state team that included representatives from Laramie County Community College, University of Wyoming, Wyoming Community College Commission, Wyoming Department of Education, Wyoming Department of Workforce Services and Wyoming Business Council, resulting in the successful development of the new tool.