New Sweetwater Events Complex Event Brings $3 Million to Sweetwater County

New Sweetwater Events Complex Event Brings $3 Million to Sweetwater County

Attendees at the 2017 Escapade.

SWEETWATER COUNTY– The Sweetwater Events Complex is excited to announce that we will be hosting the second largest International RV club, the Escapees, for their 60th Escapade June 21-26, 2020.

The Escapade is a five-day, fun-filled information event centered around the RV way of life. In addition, Escapade delivers as much as $3,000,000 dollars into the local economy while attendees’ shop, dine and enjoy the charm of the local areas.

Larry Lloyd, Sweetwater Events Complex Executive Director, explained, “The Sweetwater Events Complex is excited to bring the second largest International RV club to Rock Springs. Our staff continuously works to promote our facility and Sweetwater County.

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“The events at the Sweetwater Events Complex continue to be a cornerstone of tourism, which directly provides an economic impact to our area and to our state.”

Events Complex Will be a New Location for the Escapade

The Sweetwater Events Complex will be a new location for the Escapade. Duane and Jean Mathes, Escapade Directors, stated, “With such a beautiful facility, and so many natural attractions nearby, it seems like an ideal place to hold a rally.

“Attendees are sure to spend extra time exploring and getting to know the area. Rock Springs seems like the perfect place for folks to launch their summer travel plans.”

About the Escapade Event

In keeping with the Escapees mind-set of caring and sharing, the Escapade also gives back to the community by supporting a local charity with a food drive during the event.

From the start of the opening ceremonies to the farewell fiesta, there is non-stop excitement daily. First-rate evening entertainment, a wide variety of RV related presentations, daily socials and happy hours round out the busy week of the Escapade.

For those attending with children or grandchildren, Escapade offers Kidscapade, a complementary children’s program. It’s a great chance for kids to have fun with their peers, while taking part in many fun activities just for them.

During the rally on Wednesday, June 24, Escapade will host a complimentary community appreciation day at the Sweetwater Events Complex as a special ‘thank you’ to the surrounding communities. Area residents are invited to visit from 8 am to 4 pm to learn more about the Club, its members and living the RV lifestyle.

Guests are welcome to attend seminars and shop the Escapade Market, exploring a wide selection of RV-related products and services available.

The First Escapade Took Place in 1979

The first Escapade was held in Bakersfield, CA, in 1979, with 24 families attending, the event now attracts thousands of attendees from across the nation and internationally.

For the serious RVer, Escapade is the premier opportunity to learn or refine the nuances of a lifestyle that continues to attract devotees. It’s also a great way to meet like-minded folks enjoying the adventure that their “home on wheels” conveys.

Escapees RV Club has over 60,000 active family members who share a very special bond and a passion for RV travel.

Escapade is open to Escapee members and non-members as well. Weekly and daily walk-in pricing will be available online or by calling the Escapees RV Club.

If you’d like information about being a sponsor, a vendor, or a guest speaker at Escapade, you may email Duane & Jean Mathes, Escapade Directors, or