Northpark Students Donate to Humane Society


ROCK SPRINGS — Students from Northpark Elementary donated hundreds of dollars worth of food and other supplies to the Red Desert Humane Society on January 3.

The donation was the result of a fundraiser organized by the Northpark Student Council that took place on December 18. For one day, students could pay money to “break the rules.” All the money raised went towards donating to help the animals at Red Desert.

Pictured (left to right): Sadie Woodward, Jesley Saunders, Alivia Pedri, Izzy Pedri and Desmond Hills. And Northpark teachers Megan Allen, Bailey Heide and Sarah Wright.

Thanks to the student’s efforts, Red Desert received food, treats, toys and more to help care for the animals it houses. The donation is an incredible boost for the non-profit organization. “Every cent helps around here,” a staff member said. Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply pitched in by giving a 10 percent discount on all the items purchased for the donation.

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One student, Liliya Cross, wasn’t able to be present for the donation, so she helped out with the charitable shopping spree at Murdoch’s and even donated $50 of her own money.

Northpark teacher Sarah Wright and student Liliya Cross purchase donation supplies at Murdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply.