Officials Continue to Focus on Bringing the NHSFR Back in 2018

Officials Continue to Focus on Bringing the NHSFR Back in 2018

SWEETWATER COUNTY – While the Sweetwater Events Complex is putting together the final pieces for this year’s National High School Finals Rodeo, there is also a continued focus on bringing the rodeo back in 2018.

This year is the final year of the contract between the NHSFR and the Sweetwater County Events Complex. At the first of the year, the complex entered a bid to host the world’s largest rodeo for four years starting in 2018.

There were 13 communities across the Nation that bid for the rodeo. Due to the increase in numbers, the board delayed announcing the winner of the bid so they could visit each of the communities. The board will make its decision at its board meeting which takes place during this year’s rodeo.

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Last week Sweetwater County Commissioner John Kolb urged his fellow commissioners to draft a letter of support to the NHSFR Board on the bid. Later that night, he also urged the Rock Springs City Council to do the same.

On Tuesday, Complex Director Larry Lloyd said they have received letters of support from both the Sweetwater County Commissioners and the Rock Springs City Council. The letters will be given to the NHSFR Board while they are here.

Lloyd added he has also solicited letters of support from the City of Green River, both the Rock Springs and Green River Chambers and the Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism Board.

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead will be at the event again this year and Lloyd told the board the complex has asked the Governor’s Office if they would also pen a letter of support to bring the rodeo back to Rock Springs in 2018. Lloyd told the board the response has been positive from the Governor’s Office.

Sweetwater County Commissioner John Kolb, who is also the liaison for the Sweetwater Events Complex, spoke at Tuesday night’s complex meeting. He said he wanted the NHSFR Board to see the elected officials in Sweetwater County support keeping the rodeo in Rock Springs and support the Sweetwater County Events Complex. He added the complex also needs the support of everyone in the community.

“It is easier to keep events than to lose them and try to get the back,” Kolb said.