Online Learning at Home: First Week Gone Already (Part 2)

Online Learning at Home: First Week Gone Already (Part 2)

Some of the computer-learning programs, the children have been using at school already. Photo by Stephanie Thompson

Day 2-4 —  Implementing the online programs and developing a schedule is something that definitely takes some getting used to.

Trying to do this while working a full-time job from home is enough to try anyone’s patience, but I think my children and I did the best we could given the circumstances.

The second day was a whirlwind of technical difficulties, forgotten passwords and deciphering the teachers’ notes, but few online chats and a couple phone calls later with tech support and everything was taken care of pretty quickly.

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My sons, John, 7, and Matthew, 10, did the best they could to follow along with the program, but I know they were frustrated. It was at these times, I would try to give them brain breaks or they would take a physical education break, which was fun for them.

The teachers sent home fun physical educational activities for the kids to do, which could easily be done in the home or if the weather was nice, outside.

I also tried to plan lunch and recess after they were working on a harder task or a subject that wasn’t their favorite. This seemed to help. 

What I also learned, is there is always time for art journals and writing journals and music. These are things my kids enjoy.

What was really beneficially was on the second day, Matthew communicated with his teacher and classmates over Google Hangout. He really enjoyed seeing them, talking to them and learning what they had been doing.

This was something John envied because he didn’t have the opportunity to do so, however his teacher recorded herself reading a book and posted it to Youtube for her students to watch.

John also communicated with his teacher through the ParentSquare app and made sure to tell her. “Hi. I miss My class and my teacher.” He also told her, “My mom is doing “800 percent good and 200 percent bad.” Whatever that means. 

The third and fourth days went better. Even though we are still getting a schedule down, we were turning in many assignments and getting creative.

For example: Matthew needed to turn an assignment in that he had written out on paper. When it was time to turn the assignment in, we noticed it needed to be e-filed. 

I could see him getting upset. I thought quickly and discovered there was a camera option on the computer program he was using. This led to us taking photos of the assignment he had accomplished and submitting it that way. 

By the end of the short week, the whole family was tired, but we gave it our best. With a schedule starting to take shape, we’re hopeful this week will go smoother.

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