Outage Cuts Airport’s Lighting Wednesday Morning

Outage Cuts Airport’s Lighting Wednesday Morning

ROCK SPRINGS – An electrical failure at the Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport is being blamed for permanent lighting going out within the airport’s terminal early Wednesday morning.

According to a Facebook post on the airport’s page, several areas of the building were dark, with travelers’ experiences being impacted by the outage. The temporary construction lighting remained operational as they are powered through a separate source. Airport employees also put temporary lighting until the building’s main lighting is restored.

At 7:30 a.m., Airport Manager Devon Brubaker told SweetwaterNOW an electrician was on the way to the airport to restore power. Brubaker said the outage occurred sometime during the previous night and impacted about 50% of the building. The cause of the outage is not known, but Brubaker said it was likely due to a bad breaker or losing a phase of power.

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Despite the darkness, the Wednesday morning flight left the airport on time, with Brubaker complimenting employees and TSA for their ability to power through the situation. He said the passengers also dealt with the situation well.

“The passengers were great and accommodating,” he said.