Permits for Bike Rally Event in Downtown Green River Approved

Permits for Bike Rally Event in Downtown Green River Approved

GREEN RIVER — The Green River City Council unanimously approved requests for an open container permit and catering permit for Badass Brews and Buck N Bar for the Buck N Badass Rally in downtown Green River.

The decision follows a lengthy discussion that took place at the last Council meeting in which the permit requests died due to a lack of a motion, and were then placed on this week’s agenda for further consideration. The event will take place this coming weekend on August 5 and 6 in the barricaded area on North 1st East from Flaming Gorge Way to Railroad Avenue.

The event was previously called Too Broke For Sturgis, which raised concerns among the Council. Councilman Gary Killpack said at the time that he didn’t want Green River to be a little Sturgis. However, Killpack said the name change for the event is something he can support.

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“I think that’s a positive thing,” he said.

However, Badass Brews owner Russ Hemmert said the name change was done by the group of people wanting to do the event because there is already an event called Too Broke For Sturgis happening in Vernal, Utah on the same weekend.

Additionally, Killpack noted that the request for the permits included a description of the event that included the addition of eight to 10 people to provide security. The lack of available security within the Green River Police Department was a previous concern for the event, so the addition of outside security was seen as a plus for the Council.

Hemmert said the biker community is close knit and despite the different patches they wear, they have each other’s backs. For this reason, he doesn’t believe there will be any issues, but the security is there on the off-chance a conflict does arise.

He also said they would be banding event participants who are drinking alcohol to help ensure underage people are not getting access to alcohol. They will also be borrowing an ID scanner from the police department to make the process of checking IDs quicker and more efficient.

“The way it was a couple weeks ago I couldn’t support it, but I want to tell you, thank you,” Councilman Killpack said. He said that the changes are something he can support completely.

Hemmert explained that the primary reason for the event is to raise money for a local woman in need of help.

“We’re donating all the proceeds to a single mother in the community whose been diagnosed with a disease and we want to help her out. And as a biker community, that’s what we do,” he said.

Hemmert said he hopes this will event will become an annual one where they can raise money to help someone each year in the community.

Other Business

The Council also unanimously appointed Michelle Cordova to the Green River Arts Council for a two-year term. The Green River Arts Council also gave a presentation in which they encouraged residents to come out to the Art on the Green event on August 18 and 19.

Mayor Pete Rust also reported the city’s sales tax revenue for June was $983,111 which is $243,111 more than they budgeted for.

“That’s $20,000 lower than last month but combined, you know, it’s about half a million dollars in two months, that’s good news,” Rust said.

Councilman Robert Berg said he believes a lot of that sales revenue is due to the efforts of Sweetwater County Travel & Tourism to make Green River a stop for people as they travel to Yellowstone National Park.