PHOTOS: Senior Citizens Enjoy Wyoming’s Big Show

PHOTOS: Senior Citizens Enjoy Wyoming’s Big Show

Dorothy Walker and one of the Mission at Castle Rock Rehabilitation Center volunteers were ready to conquer the fair. SweetwaterNOW photo by Stephanie Thompson

SWEETWATER COUNTY — Deer Trail Assisted Living and Mission at Castle Rock Rehabilitation Center (CRRC) and The Villa residents spent most of their morning enjoying Wyoming’s Big Show.

CRRC Activities Director and Volunteer Coordinator Heidi Schuh said around 15 residents and 18 volunteers were attending the fair this year. While they were excited for the fair, they were extremely disappointed when they found out it didn’t have a petting zoo this time because it’s by far the residents favorite activity.

Deer Trail Assisted Living Life Enrichment Director Dave Martinez said eight residents and two employees visited the fair, which is about how many visit every year. Martinez said while at the fair, the group walked through the exhibit halls, enjoyed fair food, and watched shows, and visited with vendors.

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As seasoned fair goers we wanted to know what they thought of the Big Show and about their favorite activities at the Sweetwater County Events Complex. SweetwaterNOW caught up with both groups today and asked them a couple of questions: “what’s your favorite part of the fair? and why?

The answers varied, but it was clear they were all excited to get out and enjoy the day.

CRRC resident Sharon Patterson said she wanted to ride the mechanical bull. In fact, this isn’t the first time she’s ridden the bull. For the past 5 years, she’s made sure to ride the bull. “I guess you can call it my bucket list,” she said. Even though she wanted to she didn’t ride the bull because it was just too hot.

Deer Trail resident Davey Dunn said the best part of this year’s fair was buying a new cowboy hat, which he then modeled for the group.

Deer Trail resident Davey Dunn shows off the new cowboy hat he purchased at the fair today. SweetwaterNOW photo by Stephanie Thompson

CRRC resident Virginia Pendergraft said her favorite part of the fair is visiting the animals. So it was no surprise one of the first place she went was the Aussie Kingdom area to see the kangaroos and birds. Pendergraft said she was going to the 4-H and FFA barns too.

Deer Trail resident Mardel Pieper said she just likes all fairs, but this year she really enjoyed the clydesdales. Deer Trail resident June Schumacher agreed saying she’s always loved horses and she just likes being around them. When she was growing up, she had horses.

For CRRC resident Dorothy Walker answering this question was easy. “I enjoy the food trucks,” she said. Her favorite food is funnel cakes, of course.

Both the CRRC and Deer Trail residents sure looked like they were having a good time. For Deer Trail residents the fun will continue as they have planned fair-themed activities throughout the week, Martinez said. Earlier in the week, they enjoyed funnel cakes at the facility and on Saturday they are going to have a hot dog and lemonade stand.