PHOTOS: Truman Elementary Tapes Principal and Teacher to the Wall

PHOTOS: Truman Elementary Tapes Principal and Teacher to the Wall

Truman Elementary School's principal Mr. Figenser, and teacher Mr. Asselmeier were taped to the wall by their students as part of a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish.

GREEN RIVER– To bring Truman Elementary’s Make-A-Wish fundraising efforts to a close, students purchased strips of duct tape for one dollar each to tape Truman’s principal Mr. Figenser and teacher Mr. Asselmeier to the gym wall.

Earlier in the week, the students brought money to purchase the tape. Today, Mr. Figenser and Mr. Asselmeier stood against the wall while students eagerly lined up with their tape.

Truman’s Make-A-Wish Efforts

Every day this past week, Truman Elementary hosted a “break the rules day” in which students could bring a dollar or more to break a rule, such as chewing gum in school, wearing crazy hair, or wearing a hat.

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Truman also participated in a classroom competition, in which each classroom had a coin jar. The classroom that collected the most money in their jar won the competition.

All of the money raised by the school benefited Green River High School’s fundraising efforts, which goes toward granting wishes for Wyoming children.

Make-A-Wish Drive Results

At last night’s boys and girls varsity basketball games between GRHS and RSHS, it was announced that Green River won the Make-A-Wish competition, raising over $28.5 thousand.

Rock Springs raised over $24 thousand. Together, the two schools, along with business donations, and donations from the communities, raised over $56 thousand for Make-A-Wish Wyoming.

Check out some more photos of the Truman students taping their principal and teacher to the wall below.