Pinedale’s Wind River Mountain Fest Expands to 2 Full Nights of Music July 20-21!


Set for July 20-22 in Pinedale, the 3rd Annual Wind River Mountain Festival will feature two full nights of music at American Legion Park in Pinedale.

 All music events are free and go from 4-9pm.

Friday’s Lineup

Headliner (6:45 pm)

Timmy the Teeth (American Fork, UT)

A self-described & Cowboy from the Crypt, Timmy The Teeth has unknowingly
found his way to the forefront of a new musical brand as genuine as his personality.
Drawing from a tradition that spans a great deal of the traditional American
songbook, Timmy sings about the kinds of things we’re all thinking but not saying.

Middle Bill (5:30 pm)

Whippoorwill (Ft. Collins, CO)

Whippoorwill is in their element with raw, authentic, stripped-down performances
that nod to icons Neil Young and Lucinda Williams. There is spirituality steeped in
the country backdrops they write from and a deep reverence for the landscapes that
raised them.

Opener (4:00 pm)

Jason Tyler Burton Band

Jason Tyler Burton is a wanderer, a soul-searching adventurer who writes songs
about the journey. His songs and stories are heart felt, reflecting a search for
meaning and home, with a voice and lyrics that invite you to lean in a little, and
really listen.

Saturday’s Lineup

Headliner (6:45 pm)

Jared & the Mill (Phoenix, AZ)

The Phoenix five-piece Jared & The Mill manages to be one of those outfits to stamp
their distinctiveness, employing and expanding upon previously understated
textures in Americana folk. With beautiful lyrics, nearly perfect harmony, intense
stage presence, and endearing personalities, Jared & the Mill have been enchanting
audiences for the better part of a decade.

Middle Bill (5:30 pm)

The 502s (Maitland, FL)

Dynamic, Florida folk music highlighted by booming stomps, upbeat tunes, and
melodious vocals that ooze camaraderie.

Opener (4:00 pm)

Aaron Davis & the Mystery Machine (Jackson Hole, WY)

Native to Kentucky and based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for over fifteen years, Davis
is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and co-founder of decade long Americana
touring band Screen Door Porch.

Music for the Wind River Mountain Festival is presented by The Pinedale Fine Arts
Council (PFAC) as part of their 11th Annual Soundcheck Summer Music Series.

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