Postgame Thoughts: Bridger Valley Bowl

Postgame Thoughts: Bridger Valley Bowl

SweetwaterNOW photo, Stephanie Peterson

Lyman – In this year’s meeting between the Bridger Valley football teams, the Mountain View Buffalos secured a victory against the Lyman Eagles with a final score of 31-8. This victory propels the Buffalos to a 5-0 record while the Eagles, who were the state’s top-ranked team just a week ago, now find themselves at 3-2.

Mountain View’s Dominant Defense

Mountain View’s dominance in this game was underscored by their exceptional defensive. Leading up to this matchup, the Buffalos had allowed only two touchdowns throughout the season. One of these touchdowns was conceded in zero week against a Green River Wolves 3A football team, while the other occurred during an out-of-state contest. Mountain View had not yielded a single touchdown to a Wyoming 2A football team this season. Coupled with Lyman’s misfortune of missing several key starters, including their starting halfback Xander Lyman, the Eagles faced a challenging task during their homecoming game.

Lyman’s Strong Start and Mountain View’s Response

The Lyman Eagles started the game taking an early 8-0 lead with a touchdown in their opening drive. This appeared to serve as a wake-up call for the Mountain View Buffalos’ defense. Following this initial score, the Eagles were unable to breach the Buffalo’s end zone again for the remainder of the game. It is crucial to interpret this outcome correctly; the Eagles being held scoreless should not necessarily be a cause for concern regarding Lyman’s capabilities. Instead, it highlights the defensive of the Mountain View team and underscores why they deserve their No. 1 state ranking.

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Mountain View’s Strengths

Mountain View’s success in this game can be attributed to several key factors. They have a talented sophomore quarterback who exhibits versatility. One week he can be rushing for 100 yards, the next he may be passing for 100. Sometimes he does both the same week. He has a cannon of an arm and he is also contributing on the defensive side by forcing turnovers. Jayce Schultz averages an impressive 90 yards per game, but also ranks as the fifth best defensive player in the state in terms of defensive points. Adding to their strengths, Mountain View possesses the No. 7 punter in the nation. Landon Solaas has an impressive average of 51.4 yards per punt, including a 70-yard punt and a 66-yard punt this season. Solaas has also demonstrated his place kicking with a 46-yard field goal and a 36-yard field goal. These are the two longest in 2A this year

Lyman’s Strengths

Lyman, despite the recent setbacks, possess a multitude of strengths. They have averaged nearly 30 points per game this season and boast the state’s second-best rushing defense. They lead the state in forcing turnovers, having generated 12 turnovers prior to this game. Offensively, their run scheme ranks among the top three in the state.

Klepper’s Game Ball 🏈

Today’s game ball goes out to Carson Eardley.

The do-it-all player is leading this team in all-purpose yards and his versatility showed up big this week

He finished the game with 63 yards rushing and 64 yards receiving with three touchdowns. Two by air, one on the ground

He also had the two interceptions on defense which further showed just how versatile he really is.

Keep it going Carson!

– Klepper

While Mountain View fans have every reason to be proud and excited about their team’s performance this season, Lyman fans should not despair. Both of these Bridger Valley football teams are well-positioned to compete for a state championship once the Eagles regain their full strength. The future of Bridger Valley Football appears promising.