Postgame Thoughts: Bridger Valley Teams Go 2-0 This Weekend

Postgame Thoughts: Bridger Valley Teams Go 2-0 This Weekend

In an electrifying interstate matchup, the Lyman Eagles, the number 1 ranked team in 2a, clashed with the Bear Lake Bears from Idaho. The Eagles secured a convincing victory without completing a single pass, relying solely on their ground game to wreak havoc on the field.

The Eagles’ ground attack was nothing short of spectacular, amassing 263 rushing yards as a team. Leading the charge were senior stars Carter Bradshaw and Xander Lyman, who seemingly put the entire team on their backs. Bradshaw, a powerhouse on the field, bulldozed his way to an impressive 201 rushing yards and scored all four of the Eagles’ touchdowns. His performance was nothing short of remarkable, carrying the team to victory.

Xander Lyman, the halfback, contributed 61 yards on the ground, with 42 of those crucial yards coming in the first half of the game. Together, Bradshaw and Lyman accounted for nearly every yard gained by the Eagles, showcasing their offensive prowess.

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Defensively, the Eagles were equally formidable, holding the Bear Lake Bears to a mere 119 total yards, with only 20 yards gained in the entire second half. Their relentless defense proved to be a crucial factor in securing the victory.

In Bridger Valley, another game unfolded as Mountain View squared off against Wheatland. Continuing the local dominance, Mountain View claimed a resounding 38-0 win. Jayce Schultz, the leading rusher for Mountain View, had another 100-yard performance, further solidifying their dominance in the region.

Remarkably, both Bridger Valley teams, Lyman and Mountain View, displayed exceptional defensive prowess, allowing only one touchdown this week between the two games.

Klepper’s Bridger Valley Ball 🏈

For his outstanding performance, Carter Bradshaw is my Bridger Valley Player of the Week

The second leading rusher in the state from the previous year started the season with a bang, leading his team in rushing yards and tallying four touchdowns

He was all over the field on defense as well flying in for tackles and snagging an interception to set up his own rushing touchdown.


With both Bridger Valley teams dominating early in the season, it’s clear that football fans in the region are in for an exciting season. Looking ahead, the Lyman Eagles will face Pinedale at Lyman on Friday at 4 p.m., while Mountain View will engage in an interstate matchup against Rich County in Utah at 1 p.m. on Friday as well.

Bridger Valley is brimming with football talent, and these early-season performances set the stage for what seems to be an enthralling season of high school football in Wyoming.