Public Invited to Take Part in Flaming Gorge Way Study

Public Invited to Take Part in Flaming Gorge Way Study

The public is invited to take part in a design charrette for Flaming Gorge Way this week as the City of Green River makes plans for the future of its main street.

GREEN RIVER — Green River residents, business owners, and other stakeholders are invited to participate in a design meeting for the Flaming Gorge Way Corridor Study on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

The purpose of the meeting is for the community to provide input for the vision and future design of Flaming Gorge Way including parking, pedestrian facilities, and other mobility opportunities.

This interactive two-day event will provide multiple opportunities for the community to provide feedback for the design team as it develops a full-corridor conceptual design for
Flaming Gorge Way. The community is invited to participate at the following times and locations:

August 19
11:30am – 1:00pm at the Clocktower Plaza – Collaborative work session with the design team
5:30pm – 7:30pm at Farmer’s Market on Uinta Drive – Initial ideas presentation and community conversation

August 20
5:30-7:30- Clocktower Plaza – A wrap up Open House where the community will be able to provide feedback on the design meeting results.

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The Flaming Gorge Way Corridor Study project was started in January 2020 and funded jointly by The City of Green River and Wyoming Department of Transportation. The project purpose is to develop an integrated land use, transportation, and urban design vision and plan for Flaming Gorge Way in Downtown Green River.

The project team will work together with stakeholders and community members to prepare recommendations and solutions to address access for pedestrians, residents, visitors, and emergency responders, improve safety, mitigate congestion, and position Flaming Gorge Way for reinvestment and redevelopment.

Recommendations will include specific street improvements that enhance safety and functionality for all users, alongside being appropriate for the scale, character, and land uses in the corridor.