Put the “Luck of the Irish” On Your Side: Don’t Drive Impaired

Put the “Luck of the Irish” On Your Side: Don’t Drive Impaired

SWEETWATER COUNTY– The Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office has a few words for the community when it comes to staying safe this St. Patrick’s Day:

March is a busy month. St. Patrick’s Day and Spring Break are here!

To ensure public safety and prevent needless tragedy to loved ones in our community, the men and women of Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office are participating in the St. Patrick’s Day National DUI Enforcement event.

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Made possible by federal grant money from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, we will be adding dedicated DUI enforcement units to patrol our neighborhoods and roadways throughout the county this weekend.

Already this year, our deputies have responded to nine major crash incidents involving three fatalities and have arrested eight impaired drivers for driving under the influence of intoxicants.

Please support zero tolerance for impaired driving. Report suspected impaired drivers immediately. We cannot do our job without you. Successfully eliminating DUI-related traffic fatalities requires a collaborative effort between law enforcement and the community. We are committed to continuing to work together to keep our highways safe.

We hope everyone enjoys this weekend’s festivities and celebrates responsibly. If you choose to drink, please do not drive. Plan ahead. Use a designated driver. Find a ride. Do whatever it takes. If you are buzzed, you should not be driving.

Please do not act selfishly, jeopardize your safety and risk the lives of our friends and families with whom we all share the road. Remember, we are all in this together. Sláinte!