Quitting tobacco can be Hard! Let us Help!

Quitting tobacco can be Hard! Let us Help!

Tired of tobacco? Get help from the Wyoming Quit Line and Sweetwater County Prevention Coalition.

Quitting starts here: no scare tactics, no judgments, just the information you need to help you quit.


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TTY users dial 1-888-229-2182 Quitwyo.org

Wyoming Quit Tobacco is a free, confidential service to help Wyoming residents quit any form of tobacco—cigarette, smokeless, or vape—for good. They offer several key services to optimize your chances of quitting, including:

  • A trained quit coach who can speak with you regularly and talk you through the tough times
  • 24/7 access to support, tips, and tools whenever you need them
  • A personalized quit plan to fit your needs and goals
  • Nicotine replacement therapy (patches, gum, and lozenges) to curb withdrawal symptoms
  • Free or low-cost medications to crush cravings (with a prescription from your physician)

By combining medications, nicotine replacement therapies, and behavioral counseling, you give yourself the best chance of quitting tobacco for good. Wyoming Quit Tobacco provides all of these services for free.

The Sweetwater County Prevention Coalition provides additional help. Typically, Wyoming Quit Tobacco takes 2 weeks to get you your nicotine gum and patches, but the coalition can provide you with 2-weeks’ worth so that you can get started today. If you prefer a more in-person approach to counseling, they also offer a free 7-session adult cessation group so that you can find community among others who are quitting.

 Get in touch with Wyoming Quit Tobacco, then call the Sweetwater County Prevention Coalition at 307-352-6677 (ask for prevention) to start your quit today!

For Sweetwater County Prevention Coalition they can email us at sweetwatercoprevention@gmail.com or visit our website sweetwaterpreventioncoalition.com For Southwest Counseling they can email Shae Haney at shaney@swcounseling.org or Jason Lux at jlux@swcounseling.org, visit our website at swcounseling.org, or call us at 307-352-6677 and ask for Prevention.

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