Quitting Vaping can be Hard! Let us Help!

Quitting Vaping can be Hard! Let us Help!

Go Behind the Haze: Things Big Vape doesn’t want you to know!


  • Very few teens smoke cigarettes now because they recognize its dangers. Unfortunately, just as cigarette-smoking rates were going down among teens, vapes appeared to replace them with misleading claims and targeted marketing strategies designed to get another generation hooked on nicotine.
  • Don’t sacrifice your health and happiness to the next wave of Big Tobacco. The Sweetwater County Prevention Coalition wants you to go Behind the Haze and get the facts on vaping. Behindthehaze.com can give you the truth, including how vapes work, what’s in them, how they’re dangerous and addictive, how companies target teens, and how you can quit vaping for good.
  • While it may seem like everyone is doing it, the truth is, despite all the targeted advertising, most teens still do not vape. According to the 2022 Wyoming Prevention Needs Assessment, 83.15% of Sweetwater County 10th graders did not vape in the previous 30 days.
  • If you do vape, and you want to quit, Behind the Haze’s quitting tips page can help. It describes how quitting can improve your life by making you healthier, less anxious and depressed, and more in control of your time and money. It also provides a long list of helpful quit resources like sites and apps to help you develop a quit plan and get professional support to manage your cravings.
  • Don’t let vaping control you. Get your life back by visiting Behind the Haze and starting your quit journey today.

 Get in touch with Wyoming Quit Tobacco, then call the Sweetwater County Prevention Coalition at 307-352-6677 (ask for prevention) to start your quit today!

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