RECRUITING: Firefighters for Sweetwater County Fire District #1

RECRUITING: Firefighters for Sweetwater County Fire District #1

Do you have a desire to help your neighbor, to give back to your community or are you just looking for a new adventure? 

If the answer is yes, then Sweetwater County Fire District #1 has just the thing for you.

They are currently recruiting for their training academy and the opportunity to become paid-per-call firefighters.

Applications are available at 3010 College Drive or by calling

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Since 2010, Fire District #1 has provided an avenue for those interested in firefighting to get training locally while still being able to lead a normal, productive life. The district has once again announced they are beginning recruitment for this winter’s academy.

The annual academy starts the first week in January. This year’s academy will certify candidates to Wyoming State Pro-Board Firefighter I and Firefighter II. Once candidates successfully complete the academy, they will be allowed to respond agency on a paid-per-call basis.

Classes in the academy take place on Wednesday night at Fire District #1’s Headquarters Station at 3010 College Drive and Station #2 at 102 Apache Lane. There will be a few required weekend training events that will cover topics like Wildland Red Card and Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations.

Assistant Fire Chief Jake Ribordy said last year’s academy was very effective and efficient. Streamlining the Firefighter I and II curriculum has allowed the training program to add other advanced training throughout the calendar year. Ribordy said, “Being able to complete Firefighter I and Firefighter II in the same amount of time that we used to complete Firefighter I will open the door for more advanced training later in the year, such as Apparatus Driver/Operator or Rope Rescue Technician.”

The district started the academy ten years ago with the hope of saving money while also providing a qualified team to keep the public safe. Providing consistency in response is essential to the community Fire District #1 protects. Ribordy said the consistent training of front-line firefighters was one of the biggest issues addressed by the academy. Ribordy said varying levels of training and understanding do not lend themselves to creating order out of chaos on a call. 

Having a full truck of trained firefighters is our No. 1 goal.

-Assistant Fire Chief Jacob Ribordy

Another advantage to the academy is building team chemistry. Current firefighters at the district assist in the academy. Ribordy said it gives the new recruits a chance to learn and work next to those they will work with after the academy. It also gives the firefighters a look at, and understanding of the new recruits’ strengths and weaknesses.

How to Apply

Those interested in applying for the academy should submit a completed application to the district. Applications are available at 3010 College Drive next to Dominos Pizza. Interested applicants must be over 18-years-old and pass a criminal background check.

There is no set limit of participants; however, Ribordy urged those interested to get their applications in as soon as possible.

For more information on how to be a part of the upcoming academy, contact Sweetwater County Fire District #1.

3010 College Drive
Rock Springs, WY 82901
Phone: 307.362.9390

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