Registered voters receive notice of pending cancellation

Registered voters receive notice of pending cancellation

CHEYENNE—Registered voters who did not cast a ballot in November’s general election are receiving notices from county clerks that their names will be removed from the voter registration list unless they take action to remain on the list.

“Wyoming’s voter registration list is kept accurate and up-to-date through the process of purging the list after every general election,” said Election Director Peggy Nighswonger. “This ensures that persons who are no longer eligible to vote are removed from the voter registration list.”

According to Director Nighswonger an estimated 95,000 voters across the state are receiving notices of pending cancellation of their registration because they did not cast a ballot in the last general election.

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“The notice will state that cancellation will occur within 20 days unless the elector asks that his name remain on the list,” said Nighswonger. “Persons who receive a notice should return the notice by mail or contact their county clerk as soon as possible.”

Nighswonger said state law requires that the voter registration list is purged and registration information updated by February 15 of each year. Persons who have been purged from the voter registration list may still vote in future elections, but they will need to register again, noted Nighswonger.