Resident Speaks Out Against Closing of the Farson-Eden Landfill


SWEETWATER COUNTY– Farson-Eden resident, Dale Newland, attended the Sweetwater County Commissioner meeting Tuesday morning to speak out against the closing of the Farson-Eden Landfill during the county resident concerns portion of the meeting.

Newland said he and several members of the community do not feel that there is an issue with the landfill, as all reports on the landfill have been positive.

With no evidence of contamination or pollution, Newland said he and other residents do not understand why the landfill should be closed.

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He also said there has been a lack of information and transparency with the Solid Waste District Eden Valley, as the community has not been notified of public hearings. He admitted that there may have been notices online or in the newspaper, but Solid Waste never put notices up on local stores where the residents are sure to see them.

The Solid Waste Disposal District Eden Valley will be hosting a board meeting at 8 pm tonight, Wednesday, June 5, at the Eden Valley Community Center located at 4017 U.S. Highway 191.

Newland expressed interest in filling out an application to be a volunteer on the Solid Waste Disposal District Eden Valley Board. Applications can be found at the Sweetwater County Courthouse, or online here.