Rock Lovers to Gather at Western’s Geology Expo

Pictured is a quartz crystal owned by Dr. Dana Pertermann. The Summer Geology Expo is a great opportunity for people to come together in celebration of their mutual interest in Geology.

ROCK SPRINGS– Western Wyoming Community College’s Geology Program will be hosting the first Summer Geology Expo on June 15 from 9 am to 4 pm in the Atrium.

The event is predicted to be the biggest Geology Expo Western has hosted with rock and mineral vendors from all over Wyoming. There will be maps, rocks and minerals for sale – even those from Western’s own collection! Those who would like to bring their own collection of rocks can have them identified by Dr. Dana Pertermann, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Geology.

A few of the Wyoming rock and mineral vendors who will be present include Silver Smith’s Wire Wrapping, Cowboy Minerals, Scott’s Bonsai Stone, Fire Agate by Wortman, Vikki’s Holistic Stones and Oils, and many more.

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“Wyoming Geology is fantastic, and this is going to be an amazing opportunity for people and families to interact with knowledgeable rockhounders from around the state. If you’re not into rockhounding as a hobby right now, come to this show, and you soon will be!” said Dr. Dana L. Pertermann, Associate Professor of Geology/Anthropology at Western.

The event is designed for community members, students and faculty to celebrate their love of Wyoming’s geology as well as to raise money for Western student opportunities such as field work, scholarships and more. This is a family friendly event with food and drinks available. Children are welcome.

The event is sponsored by the Geology Program at Western, the Bureau of Land Management, The Wyoming Geological Survey, and Circle K International.

For more information regarding this event, please contact Dr. Dana Pertermann at or visit Western’s App, Mustang Connections, at