Rock Springs City Council Hears Snow Removal Report Tuesday

Rock Springs City Council Hears Snow Removal Report Tuesday

ROCK SPRINGS – The Rock Springs City Council continued to discuss this winter’s snow removal and associated issues on Tuesday night.

Director of Engineering Paul Kauchich answered several questions and provided current stats on this winter’s removal. Currently, the city is focused on cutting ice and clearing storm drains with the recent warmer weather. With snow being moved out into the streets, many drains have been frozen over. He said on a daily basis, crews are cutting and cleaning these drains. He said while there is standing water in places around the city, they have not had any major issues with flooding with the recent warm spell.

The city has received a number of calls and Kauchich explained crews head to these areas and do what they can. Despite different ownerships on roads, Kauchich explained they have agreements to do snow removal on several state-owned roads such as Dewar, Elk, Center, Bridger, Ninth and Pilot Butte. He said while the city does snow removal, the state is responsible for maintenance such as striping and cement work.

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During the discussion, Councilwoman Rose Mosbey also wanted to thank the many good samaritans who have helped in city neighborhoods this winter. She said she has heard a lot of stories about neighbors helping neighbors this winter. Kauchich also publicly thanked the other departments such as the parks and water department, for their help.

Mayor Carl Demshar again stressed that while he understands the frustration, the city will continue to focus on the streets that are priorities and then work on the others as they can. Kauchich also explained to the council, despite the harsh winter, they continue to watch costs and overtime hours with the budget issues they are also dealing with.

The weather has caused several potholes to open up throughout the city. Kauchich said while the most noticeable issues are on state-owned roadways such as Dewar and Elk, the city also has its share of potholes. Because of the weather and moisture, he explained there is nothing they can put in the holes at this time that will stay.

If anyone has concerns or issues in their neighborhoods they are asked to call city hall.

Snow Removal Report

Man Hours thru Jan. 31

  • 208 overtime hours
  • 3,500 regular man hours
  • This does not reflect the man hours from other departments.

Street Department Resources

  • 1 superintendent
  • 11 employees
  • 5 snow plows
  • 2 loaders
  • 1 motor grader

Materials Used

  • 1,500 tons of ice kicker salt, (all of last winter the city used 1,200 tons)
  • 2,000 tons of salted sand, (all of last winter the city used 1,500 tons)
  • 60,000 gals of salt brine, (all of last winter the city used 35,000 gals)
  • 5,000 gals of mag chloride, (all of last winter the city used 5,000 gals)

Snow Hauled

  • 3,825 million pounds or 17,000 cubic yards (1 cubic yard of packed snow weighs approximately 225 lbs)

Other Information

There are approximately 108 miles of city-owned streets which equates to approximately 280 lane miles. The city also performs snow removal operations on several state-owned roads such as Dewar Elk, Center, Bridger, 9th and Pilot Butte. (Approximately an additional 95 laned miles.)