Rock Springs Council to Decide on Land Division Request

Rock Springs Council to Decide on Land Division Request

ROCK SPRINGS – The Rock Springs City Council will decide on granting a request to survey and divide a parcel of land behind Plains Tire on Dewar Drive Tuesday.

The Council will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday evening at City Hall. A full agenda can be found here and the meeting can be viewed through the city’s YouTube channel.

According to the request from Mayor Max Mickelson, the land was donated to the city in 1982 with the intent of building a memorial park. However, the city can’t take on that project. The city hopes to split the land and open a portion to public bidding once the Rahonce family, which had originally donated the land, waives the expectation for a memorial park.

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The Council will also decide if it will approve an ordinance to end the secret ballot method of approving appointees to vacant seats on the Council. This will be the third and final reading of the ordinance and if approved, will be adopted by the city. Initially, the only change to the ordinance was striking the word secret and adding the word open. During the meeting Nov. 21, the Council added the option to conduct a voice vote for the selection.

Finally, the mayor and Council will host bid openings for a truck/sander purchase for the city’s streets department and will act on requests to fill a vacant animal control administrative assistant and recreation supervisor positions.