Rock Springs Council to Review 2020 Audit; Approve CARES Act Funding

Rock Springs Council to Review 2020 Audit; Approve CARES Act Funding

ROCK SPRINGS — During the upcoming Rock Springs City Council meeting, the Council will hear a 2020 audit report from McGee, Hearne and Paiz, LLC, out of Cheyenne.

The Council will meet at 7 pm Tuesday, November 17, at the city hall. Under presentations, the Council will listen to representatives from McGee, Hearne and Paiz, (MHP), discuss the city’s audit.

The auditors looked at the city’s finances and noted the city’s total net position decreased by $7,288,117, and the net position for governmental activities decreased by $8,570,572 or 8.71 percent, while its net position for business‐type activities increased by $1,282,455 or 1.84 percent.

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At the close of the year, the city’s General Fund reported an ending fund balance of $38,213,551, which is a decrease of $966,185 or 2.47 percent from the prior year. Of this amount, $6,401,094 is available for spending at the city’s discretion.

The auditors not only reviewed the budget, but looked at internal control within the city.

“We did not identify any deficiencies in internal control over compliance that we consider to be material weaknesses,” the audit states.

After reviewing the audit, the Council will consider a request from the finance department to approve the Rock Springs Fiscal Year 2020 audit report.

To see the complete audit click below.

Other Business

Under new business, the Council will review a request from Mayor Tim Kaumo for the approval of 2020 Christmas bonuses. The bonuses would be for $50 per employee. If approved, the bonus would be added to the gross salaries for all qualified full-time and permanent part-time employees for the December 7, 2020, payroll.

The Council will consider a resolution granting an electrical utility easement to Rocky Mountain Power for the purpose of constructing and maintaining an electrical main line to serve the First Security Bank building.

The Council will also look at two resolutions accepting and approving a reimbursement agreement between the Wyoming State Loan and Investment Board (SLIB) and the City of Rock Springs. One Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act grant is $32,951, while the second CARES Act grant is for $234,067.

The Council will review a resolution authorizing the submission of a CARES Act Grant to SLIB for the purpose of purchasing equipment and providing storage for equipment related to the COVID-19 pandemic, in the amount of $260,004.

To review the complete agenda click here.