Rock Springs Council Will Debate Possible Dress Code for RSFRC, Civic Center and Paul J. Wataha Complex

Rock Springs Council Will Debate Possible Dress Code for RSFRC, Civic Center and Paul J. Wataha Complex
Photo from Rock Springs Civic Center.

ROCK SPRINGS – A dress code for the Rock Springs Family Recreation Center, Paul J. Wataha Complex and the Rock Springs Civic Center will be looked at by the Rock Springs City Council Tuesday.

The council will look at a recommendation to add language about what can and what cannot be worn at the three recreational facilities. In a letter to the city from Park and Recreation Board Chairman Ron Cheese, he explains what they are proposing.

The recommendation states that anyone using  the recreational facilities must wear appropriate activity attire. If approved by council, what is and what is not appropriate will be up to the management of the specific facility.

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If a person does not adhere to the dress code, they will be asked to change or leave the facility.

The recommendation from the board gives a few specific details on what is not appropriate. In the letter from Cheese it reads clothing that displays profane or inflammatory language in not acceptable.

The recommendation also includes tattoos. In the recommendation it states tattoos that display profane or inflammatory language must be covered by clothing at all times.

“This verbiage is our recommendation and we are hopeful you will endorse a policy of similar temperament,” Cheese said.


WRPA Conference

The council will look at a second request from the Parks and Recreation Department to allow those participating in the Wyoming Recreation and Parks Association free access to the family recreation and civic center.

The conference will take place Sept 21-24 and is will be in collaboration with the Green River Parks and Recreation Department. Park and Rec Director Dave Lansang said it is an event which Sweetwater County gets to host approximately once every ten years.

The Holiday Inn will be the host hotel for many of the events. Activities will also take place in Green River and at the White Mountain Golf Course.

Lasang explained it is a tradition for the host community’s recreation facilities to be available for early morning workouts.

“I also see this as a prime opportunity to showcase our indoor facilities and provide our colleagues from around the state with another perspective on indoor recreation,” Lansang said. “We want to provide the same recreational opportunities to our conference guests that they receive in other host communities.”