Rock Springs Couple Introduces Escape Rooms to Community


A Rock Springs couple are bringing escape rooms to the area with their new business, Escape307.

Escape307 will open its doors on Friday, December 1, for a soft opening at its location at 648 Pilot Butte Ave.

The grand opening for Escape307 will be December 15.

Casey and Amanda Bruder have owned the building on Pilot Butte Avenue for a while, and a friend suggested they use it to build some escape rooms.

Getting Started With Escape Rooms

They first thought that the escape rooms would be too difficult to do as a part time business. However, they were intrigued by the idea, and after visiting a few escape rooms in Utah, they discovered that the rooms are easier to build than they expected.

However, Casey has built one of the most technologically advanced rooms around, creating a main circuit board that automates everything in the room.

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The electrical work he did enables him to change the room easily, and he can change the codes and lock combinations every time someone goes through the room if he wants to.

The Rooms

Escape 307 will start off with two rooms– Alien Takedown and Nice List. Alien Takedown is Casey’s design, and Nice List is Amanda’s.

Alien Takedown

Alien Takedown is described on the Escape 307 website as a “medium to hard room with a 60 minute time limit. It is your job to find out what happened to the crew of the ship and how to avoid the same fate yourself.”

Escape307 disclaims that Alien Takedown features flashing lights and a fog machine.

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Nice List

Nice List is a holiday themed room described as “an easy to medium room with a 45 minute time limit. One of Santa’s helpers has tipped you off that you may be getting a piece of coal in your stocking this year. But, you can change that, if you do something in return to make sure your holiday is still jolly.”

Booking a Room

The rooms are by appointment only, and can be booked by visiting their website. Standard pricing is $25 per person, and $20 for military service members and students.

Both rooms allow two to five players at a time. They will change the rooms every three to six months. In the future, they also plan to have more rooms running at the same time.

For more information regarding the rooms and the business, people can visit, or the Escape307 Facebook page.