Rock Springs Junior High School Basketball Team recognized for good sportmanship



The Rock Springs Junior High Basketball Team was recognized for their sportsmanship during a game with Lander Junior High School.

ROCK SPRINGS – Members of the Rock Springs Junior High Basketball team received a special recognition of their sportsmanship during the latest SWCSD#1 Board Meeting. The district recently received a letter from the Lander Basketball Coach about a recent game featuring the two teams.

In the letter, the Lander coach explained how they have a student on the team who has a cognitive disability. The coach said while the Rock Springs team members challenged his skills they allowed him the space to be part of the game.

In this game, the young disabled student hit a three pointer which brought down the house. The coach said his three pointer has been the “highlight of the basketball team this year.”

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Each member and coach of the team was honored at the recent school board meeting.