Rock Springs Moves Forward With Process to Allow Curbside Recycling

Rock Springs Moves Forward With Process to Allow Curbside Recycling

ROCK SPRINGS — City-wide curbside recycling services may become available if proposed changes to the current garbage collection ordinance move forward.

The City of Rock Springs made the announcement of its intentions to require garbage collectors to offer residents within city limits curbside recycling services with a letter of intent from Mayor Tim Kaumo to the Ray Lavato Recycling Center (RLRC).

“Having devoted a great deal of thought, deliberation, and consideration to the matter, the City of Rock Springs would like to inform you of its intent to require garbage collectors to provide curbside recycling services within the City of Rock Springs,” the letter states.

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“To that end, the City of Rock Springs intends to modify its current garbage collection ordinance to provide for and accommodate curbside recycling, and to require collectors to provide the service,” the letter continued. “At this time, the city intends to allow citizens to participate in the recycling program voluntarily.”

As for the garbage collection ordinance modifications, the city has outlined what recyclables can be recycled through this service. It takes three readings for an ordinance to pass and the Council is scheduled to read this ordinance for the first time at its meeting on Tuesday. The meeting will take place at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

To review the entire garbage collection ordinance, see the document below.

Other Business

Under presentations, the Council will hear a legislative redistricting map presentation from Sweetwater County Elections Office representatives. The Council will also hear an update from Sweetwater Events Complex Executive Director Kandi Pendleton.

The Council will host a public hearing to discuss the Rock Springs Housing Authority Annual Plan. The Council is scheduled to take action on the plan later in the meeting.

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