Rock Springs Native’s Band Set To Release Single


COLORADO — Kylee Lund who goes by the stage name Emma Dawn while performing with Fat Stallion is a Rock Springs Native and a Rock Springs High School Class of 2012 graduate. The band is set to release “Prospect” their newest single.

The following is a press release from ‘Fat Stallion’ regarding the upcoming release of their single “Prospect”:

Colorado up-and-comers Fat Stallion are pioneers of the ‘Experience Rock’ genre: creating music that satisfies the heart and the mind, all the while proclaiming “Unity Over Uniformity.”

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On January 1st, the band is releasing their single, “Prospect.” The track is an uplifting, hopeful anthem that is vocally encompassing of nearly every band member. Its positive message of being good to others and leading by example is very much indicative of the message Fat Stallion spreads both on and off the stage.

Fat Stallion takes a Beatles-esque approach to singing, so you will be able to hear different members in the spot light depending on which voice is best for the song. Each member carries a different vocal skill set and stylistic flair, making their music an exciting listening experience. Their combined love for orchestral, jazz, and vernacular music from around the world, as well as modern popular music, leads to a truly unique style of music that is constantly shifting and developing.

With a seemingly nonsensical, visually hilarious, and rather poetic band name, Fat Stallion’s music insists that something doesn’t have to be perfect, or the way you expect it to be, for it to bring a smile to your face. Take things for what they are, and practice understanding and appreciation. Their refreshing revamp of their previous “indie pop/rock” identity represents an affinity for adaptation and new perspectives.