RS Professional Fire Fighters Hot Topic: “24 Hour Day”

RS Professional Fire Fighters Hot Topic: “24 Hour Day”

    rsff1499  The 24 hour life of a Professional Fire Fighter includes much more than just sitting and waiting for fires.  Modern Fire Fighting requires an effective and comprehensive, all hazards approach to public safety.  This can include fire prevention programs, safety inspections, training, attack planning, emergency and non-emergency incident responses, and more.

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The day starts at 7 a.m. with a complete check of the apparatus staffed at the station to ensure that the equipment and the truck are ready to respond effectively to all hazards.  Stations get a thorough basic cleaning, and a major component of the station is maintained each day, such as performing lawn care during the summer months.  Training may be conducted on the many hazards all Rock Springs Professional Fire Fighters are capable of responding to.  Many of these functions require that a specific number of hours of training are conducted annually to ensure re-certification of the task.

Fire Fighters may be seen supporting the local economy, as we purchase our own meals, or attending a public event. While out, trading cards may be given to kids, never missing an opportunity to give a fire prevention message.  A focus is placed on interacting with the public in a non-emergent manner, educating them and building a relationship with the community.  The whole crew and engine will be out and, in the event of a fire, they can respond as a fully functioning team for suppression efforts.

Safety Inspections may also be conducted as all businesses see us every year.  Based on a Fire Safety Inspection form, recommendations may be given for increasing the safety of patrons and workers as well as limit the potential liability of business owners in the event of an emergency.  Concurrently, Professional Fire Fighters will conduct pre-planning to understand the building layout and fire suppression systems that are in place.

Every fire hydrant in the City is inspected and maintained during the year to ensure they function, and they flow a desired amount of water for suppression activities.  Daily physical conditioning is performed each day to keep members fit, as the number one killer of Fire Fighters is cardiac arrest.

The Professional Firefighters work through the night and respond immediately during all hours from three staffed stations.

The 24 hour shift ends at 7 a.m. and a day off is enjoyed before the next 24 hour shift.  Rock Springs Professional Fire Fighters will continue working together with the City of Rock Springs and the Rock Springs Fire Department to provide the highest quality of response for our community.

Jason Cristanelli

Vice President RS Professional Fire Fighters