RS Rotary Club Raising Money to Repair Flag Pole for Flag Day


ROCK SPRINGS — The Rock Springs Rotary Club is tasked with keeping the giant American flag that flies above Rock Springs on the corner of Dewar Drive and Gateway Boulevard in good condition.

To achieve this, the rotary club usually goes through one or two flags a year.

In honor of Flag Day, the Rock Springs Rotary Club is hosting a special recognition ceremony at 10 am on June 14 at the flag pole. The sponsors of the 2018 Giant American Flag will be recognized for their contribution.

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Furthermore, the Rock Springs Rotary Club has an extra project this year.

The 17-year-old flag pole has cracks in its welds and is beginning to lean. The club is raising extra money this year to repair the 150-foot flag pole, which will cost an estimated few thousand dollars.

“The pole has got some significant damage at this point,” said Curt Barker, Rock Springs Rotary Club member.