RSFD May Soon Provide Job Shadowing for Students From LCCC

RSFD May Soon Provide Job Shadowing for Students From LCCC

ROCK SPRINGS – While some students learn from classroom and book work, other students have more success with hands-on learning. The Rock Springs Fire Department may soon start providing a little hands-on experience for students.

On Tuesday, the Rock Springs City Council will take action on an agreement between Laramie County Community College and the Rock Springs Fire Department. If approved, residents may soon start seeing students from LCCC in the community.

LCCC has an established emergency medicine education program and offers degrees in these fields to its enrolled students. Recently, the school and the RSFD discussed a cooperative agreement that would allow these students to come to Rock Springs and do job shadowing with the department.

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While the students are studying emergency medicine and working in the paramedic field, Rock Springs Fire Chief Jim Wamsley said it is a little more than that. He explained the on-hands training the students will receive here will also give students a look at the 24-hour shift and emergency response.

In the agreement, students participating will have to fill out a student confidentiality and responsibility statement. They will also be required to pass a background check and drug screening.

The agreement also states a six-month written notice will be required if either party decides to terminate the agreement. This will allow student enrolled in the program time to complete the educational requirements of the respective program.


Other RSFD Business at Council

  • The Rock Springs City Council will also recognize and celebrate the retirement of RSFD Firefighter Dale Hildebrant.
  • Council will vote on a contract for a records management program with Emergency Reporting for the Rock Springs Fire Department. The contract involves collecting emergency response data via the website for the City of Rock Springs Fire Department.
  • The council will look at a technical service support agreement with Physio-Control, Inc. for the maintenance of Lifepak 15 Monitor/Defibrillator equipment.
  • Rock Springs Mayor Carl Demshar will officially proclaim Oct. 4 through Oct. 10 as Fire Prevention Week.