RSHS Cheer Coach Dena Douchant Nominated for Coach of the Year

Photo courtesy of Dena Douchant.

ROCK SPRINGS — Rock Springs High School head cheer coach Dena Douchant was nominated for the Coach of the Year award.

Douchant has been the head cheerleading coach at RSHS since 2016, and is also the Activities Secretary. When she first began with the program, there were 14 members on the All-Girl cheer squad. Each year the tryout numbers have been growing with Douchant coaching, ranging in numbers 50 and over. She has brought a cheer squad back to RSHS that their school and community are proud of. 

The team has mostly morning practices to allow members to participate in other activities during after school hours, or have after school jobs. Douchant also teaches competitive dance teams/hip hop and cheer classes at Artistry in Motion (AIM) Dance Studio with Laura Christensen. At AIM, a cheer class was added to begin giving the kids in the community an opportunity to have some experience in the sport before they reach high school. This is the second year they have offered cheer at AIM under Douchant’s direction and they have 22 young ladies learning and loving the sport.  

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Every year as a fundraiser the Tiger Cheer Squad hosts a Mini Cheer Camp. Since Douchant has been coach the Mini Cheer Camp numbers are increasing every year, usually gaining 60 plus minis to their halftime football routine, with her team of usually around 25-30 members, putting around 90 Tiger Proud Cheerleaders on the field.

This year the RSHS team is at its largest with 34 members and Douchant has plans of continuing to grow and build the program, as she is actively working toward adding a JV program. Douchant is also part of the Tiger Proud Community Fundraising Committee with the Sweetwater County School District No. 1, helping grow the Tiger Pride in Sweetwater County. 

Douchant isn’t just coaching cheerleading at RSHS, she is helping grow young ladies/gentlemen into amazing athletes and people. The one thing she always loves about her cheer teams is that they are all diverse people, with diverse backgrounds but come together for a single purpose and work together like family.  

Douchant’s motto for the Tiger Cheer Squad is, “Stay Humble, Work Hard and Be Kind,” something that she wants the kids to not only use with cheer, but also in their daily lives.