RSHS Graduate to Receive Mack Kramer Memorial Scholarship

RSHS Graduate to Receive Mack Kramer Memorial Scholarship

ROCK SPRINGS — Richard and Marlene Kramer presented the second annual Mack Kramer Memorial Scholarship to Morgen Forbush. Morgen is a 2023 graduate of Rock Springs High School and will be attending Northwest Community College in Powell, WY to study Music Technology.

The Kramers established this scholarship to honor their daughter, Makayla “Mack” Kramer, and bring awareness to mental health. Mack was the valedictorian for the class of 2020 at Rock Springs High School and was an accomplished member of both the band and the Speech and Debate team.

Members of the RSHS band or Speech and Debate team were eligible to apply for the scholarship by writing an essay of ways they displayed the same characteristics Mack did of having compassion toward others, being a leader, having a strong work ethic, and working to overcome challenges. In addition, applicants were to suggest ways to help make mental health easier to talk about and easier to seek help when needed.

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In her essay, Morgen wrote about how she met Mack at summer band camp before her freshman year of high school. Mack, who was going to be a senior at the time, befriended Morgen, sitting next to her each day at band camp to share tips on playing the clarinet and on high school in general. More importantly, Mack was kind and made Morgen feel welcome every day. Morgen recalls Mack’s compassion toward others as well as unique sense of humor that always brightened others’ day. Morgen shared the impact Mack had on her has stayed with her and she strives to be as welcoming and kind to everyone as Mack was to her four years ago when she was just starting high school.

“This is exactly what we were looking for in an applicant,” Marlene Kramer said. “Morgen’s personal story of how Mack had such a positive impact on her life that she now carries with her was profound.”

Morgen also shared ideas of how to make mental health easier to talk about and easier to seek help if needed including educating others on mental health and having classes in school devoted solely to mental health. The Kramers stated they had several amazing essays that related touching stories of personal interactions with Mack as well.

“Our hope is that this scholarship will bring awareness to the importance of mental health and spread kindness and compassion toward others as well as honor our daughter,” Kramer said.

The Kramers have set the amount of the scholarship for $2,020 to coincide with the year Mack graduated and will offer it for 19 years to honor each year Mack lived.