SENIOR ATHLETES: Share Your Favorite Memory on Beyond the Game

SENIOR ATHLETES: Share Your Favorite Memory on Beyond the Game

Calling ALL senior athletes!

This month, we’re going “Beyond the Game” and bringing our senior athletes on May’s podcast episode.

We will collect submissions from all senior athletes in Sweetwater County who wish to be a part of the podcast and combine responses into an unforgettable podcast episode.

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If YOU are a senior athlete, please be a part of the show by recording your response to this question:

What is your favorite memory from your participation in high school athletics?

Follow these simple steps to submit your response:

  1. Record your memory on your phone through a voice recording or video (we’ll strip the audio from the video for you). Please keep your recording to less than three minutes. 📲
  2. When recording, make sure you speak loud and clear. Introduce yourself, what sport(s) you played and what school you are from.
  3. When done, click here to fill out this submission form where you’ll be asked to upload your audio/video file along with some other information. ⬆️

Once the podcast is published next week, you’ll be able to listen to other’s memories and share the episode with your friends and family. 👊