Seniors Invited to Celebrate Graduation at the Rock Springs High All-Night Party this Friday

Parents of the Rock Springs High School 2019 graduating class have been hard at work planning the Senior All Night Party, which will takes this Friday night.

Parents of the Rock Springs High School 2019 graduating class have been hard at work planning the Senior All Night Party, which will take place May 24, 2019.

The party gives RSHS graduating students a place to celebrate their achievements in a drug and alcohol-free environment. The event is non-school sponsored and organized by parents. The Senior All Night Party is a tradition in Rock Springs, something that
began more than 45 years ago, said Allison Volcic, one of the event organizers. Members of the RSHS 2019 graduating class are allowed to attend the event and each may bring two guests, ages 14-19.

The cost for each person – graduates and guests – to attend is $10. The party, which will be held in the gyms at Western Wyoming
Community College, will begin at 9 pm and last until 3 am. Although the party will not take place until graduation night, a great deal of work has already gone into planning the event, according to Gina Comstock, another event organizer.

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Volcic said the event will feature casino-type games, food, prizes, music, a photo booth, gym games and more.

“We started meeting last fall to plan this party. A lot of time and effort has gone in to fundraising and organizing,” she said. “We were able to book hypnotist Shaun Dee, who travels all over the country doing shows. It should be a great performance.”

Members of the parent committee have been busy organizing the event, planning fundraisers and securing monetary and prize donations, said Volcic.

“The success of this event is due in large part to the generous support of businesses and citizens in the community. We have awesome prizes the seniors can win including a car donated from Wyoming Trucks & Cars, cash, scholarships to Western Wyoming Community College, dorm supplies and lots more.”

Comstock said she is grateful for the parents who have stepped up to help make the party a reality and hopes all parents of graduating RSHS seniors will encourage their child to attend.

“I also encourage parents and community members to help the night of the event. We will need a lot of volunteers to help setup and pull off a successful party,” said Comstock.

In addition, any donations from businesses or individuals are still welcome, said Volcic.

“If someone has something to donate, whether it is money, a large prize or smaller door prize, we would love to have it,” Volcic said.

Anyone wanting more information about donating or the party itself should email Volcic at or call 307-350-0091.