Sheriff’s Office Deputy Sutton Receives Life Saving Award

Sheriff’s Office Deputy Sutton Receives Life Saving Award

Sheriff John Grossnickle awards Deputy Chris Sutton with the Life Saving Award. Photo courtesy of SWCSO

SWEETWATER COUNTY — Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chris Sutton was presented with the Life Saving Award Tuesday morning for life saving measures he took in October.

Sheriff John Grossnickle presented Deputy Sutton with the award during the Sweetwater County Commission meeting. Grossnickle said on October 7, 2021, at around 10 pm, Sutton saved an infant’s life on I-80. He responded to the area of mile marker 95 on I-80 between Green River and Rock Springs for the report of a baby choking on food in the car. 

“On arrival, Deputy Sutton quickly assessed the seven-month-old infant, recognizing that it was conscious but not breathing and that the baby’s face was starting to turn red. Deputy Sutton proceeded to remove the infant from the vehicle and immediately began administering life saving measures. Moments later, Deputy Sutton successfully dislodged a blockage from the infant’s airway and the baby started to breathe normally again and began to cry,” Sheriff Grossnickle said.

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To support the family and to ensure the infant received proper medical care following the incident, Deputy Sutton then escorted the infant and its family to the hospital. The infant was later released from the hospital without injury.

“Deputy Sutton’s proactive response to the scene, his astute recognition of the severe medical emergency, and his immediate actions and his effective use of the infant Heimlich maneuver directly resulted in saving the small child’s life,” Grossnickle said. “Moreover, a failure to act or any delay in action in this situation may have very well led to an unnecessary and tragic outcome. I believe Deputy Sutton’s actions during this incident merits special recognition.”

Deputy Sutton and Sheriff Grossnickle with the Sweetwater County Commissioners. Photo courtesy of SWCSO

The County Commission offered their gratitude and recognition of Sutton, as well as the Sheriff’s Office as a whole.

“We’re glad we have officers trained and willing to step forward and do what they need to help our public,” Commission Chairman Randy ‘Doc’ Wendling said. “Thank you Deputy Sutton, and thank you Deputy Sutton’s family because he’s only as good as your support.”